An adult dinner party?! Don’t mind if I do…

Having the boyfriend’s parents over for the first time and I’m trying to get readyyyy. This is not my first time meeting them; we just have never had them over to our place. We figured we were long overdue for inviting them and with his birthday and mother’s day within a week of each other now seemed like the perfect time. They know I LOOOOVE to cook so this is now my chance to stunt like no other. I have put together a menu:

Steamed shrimp and cocktail sauce-(his family always serves this whenever they have dinner at their place so I thought I would follow the tradition.

Veggie sushi rolls-cucumber, carrots, radish, cilantro, avocado, and cream cheese rolled in a thinly sliced piece of zucchini

Herb roasted rack of lamb- using thyme, tarragon, and rosemary for the roast, with garlic, salt, and pepper

Mediterranean inspired stuffed pepper- I needed a protein packed side that would be filling because his brother’s girlfriend is a vegetarian. So I am taking bell peppers in various colors and stuffing them with quinoa, feta, olives, and cherry tomatoes.

Green salad- pretty straightforward, with chimichurri vinaigrette.

Shortcake cups- topped with blackberries reduced down in an elderflower liqueur, and homemade vanilla whipped cream.

I am not strong in presentation unfortunately so I’m going to do dinner family style, so everyone can serve their own plate. However, I will try to plate the veggie sushi nicely with some sort of vessel for soy sauce.

I also need to pick out a decent wine, to go with this as well. A white wine for appetizer and salad course, and a nice red to pair with the lamb, I guess I will get to put some of my sommelier training to use. Since we spent so much on the lamb I am going to go budget friendly on the wine, his parents aren’t big wine drinkers so affordable and tasty will work well for them.

Pics tomorrow or Thursday!


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