This morning started off great, I woke up 30 minutes before I needed to and felt so satisfied with myself that I rolled over and went back to sleep (oops) and ended up sleeping 20 minutes later than I would have liked to. I wasn’t late, but I definitely had to move through things a lot quicker than I ordinarily would have.
I listed off some yoga poses that I wanted to make sure I tried this morning and I got through quite a few, and substituted one out. The list is as follows:

Downward Dog
Thread the Needle.

Those poses had my body feeling nice and warm and I felt focused and ready to get the day started. I am at lunch now still feeling energized, and ZERO COFFEE!

Pics, will come soon! I do my yoga when I’m alone in the morning so it is hard to just get pics of practicing poses. Not to mention I am still pretty new to this so they are not the most elegant…


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