Day 1 #nakedsoulyogajune Lord Of The Dance Pose also called #Natarajasana #dancerpose

How to do it?
1st get some light either on top or behind you and for the pose

1⃣ begin in mountain pose and on ur Inhale shift ur weight to ur left foot, and lift ur right heel toward ur body and bend ur knee on ur way up. Be sure to press the top of ur left thigh/hip bone back and lock ur left knee to keep ur pose strong and sturdy
2⃣ from here u can either reach back with your right hand and grasp the outside of ur right foot or ankle and actively lift ur pubis toward ur belly button and simultaneously press ur tailbone toward the floor
move ur right foot up away from the floor and back away from ur torso Extend the right thigh behind u and parallel to the floor Stretch ur left arm forward in front of ur torso, parallel to the floor
3⃣ or rotate ur left hand behind ur back and grab ur right foot once u have a secure grip rotate ur right hand back and grab ur foot… (this option requires more balance and helps stretch ur shoulders)
4⃣ hold the pose for up to 20 secs and release
repeat on the opposite side
be sure you tag me @iamreneewatkins and use #nakedsoulyoga #nakedsoulyogajune by iamreneewatkins [Sign up for the BlackYogaSuperstars weekly newsletter here:]


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