Have you ever just had a day where you feel completely and utterly…..irritable. Well I am having a whole week of that I think.  I am preparing to go out of town to FLOYD FEST and I am always extremely apprehensive before I hit the road. I also am skipping my cycle this week since we will be living tent life for this festival and I really have not the energy to deal with tampons in the woods. On top of that I am getting more and more nervous about my job security. The owner of my company has decided he wants to put it up for sale, which does not mean that I will automatically lose my job but it puts me in this weird insecure limbo.  It is hard to bail water on a sinking ship when the captain is getting away in a life boat. Not to mention every job that is out there now is some sort of sales job and I am more than over the B2B (business to business) sales world. Well, now that it is off my chest and out in the open hopefully I can push forward with out feeling like a cranky little maniac.

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