Quick and Easy Ravioli

20140730-114922-42562048.jpgDinnertime was upon me again and I was starving, but absolutely beat from my first day back at work after a long trip.  So I opened the freezer and discovered that I had a bag of mini frozen ravioli and the wheels in the old brain started crankin’. I went ahead and set a big pot of water on boil for the ravioli and decided to quarter some cherry heirloom tomatoes (which gave this creamy dish some bangin’ acidity). I toss those in a bowl with a small shallot that I diced and a jar of marinated artichokes. I cover all of that and set it aside.  Now I grab butter and melt it down in a sauce pan to which I add heavy cream.  Once the cream is heated through I whisk in Parmesan cheese until it tastes just right for me (NOTE: this is a fuck-ton of cheese for me). I drop the frozen ravioli into the boiling water and cook them according to package direction.  I then drain them and put them back in the big pot and add my marinated veggies and the sauce.  Bing, bang, boom dinner in under 40 minutes. You’re welcome!


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