Riiiiiise and Shiiiiiiine

It’s Saturday! I have managed to roll myself out of the bed and only made it as far as the sofa. As unproductive as it may sound I would not want this morning happening any other way. My boyfriend headed out for a paddle down the James; and I have the sweet reward of the ice cold Gatorade he forgot to take with him (haha victory is miiiiiine).

It is not often that I get to veg out alone on the couch, but I forgot how relaxing it can be to relinquish all my cares about a sensible diet and pound down an icy cold cola (my favorite hangover cure other than hair of the dog). To top off my smorgasbord of bull shit sugary drinks there is a bag of harvest cheddar sun chips. This is life. And I must say, I have zero complaints right now.

As a final touch to my Saturday morning relaxation station Netflix sent me a push notification to let me know that the PBS series Mind of a Chef dropped it’s second season. The icing on this final touch is that this season is dedicated to the food culture of the south. Not just fried chicken and chitterlings but a fine melange of all the fruits, vegetables, and grains that grow here. This morning is perfect.


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