As the great philosopher Katt Williams once said…

always take care of your star player. Now what does that mean? It means stop treating yourself like shit and more like the MVP that you really are. It can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task to put yourself first, at least it can for me. Now, let’s not get out of hand, I certainly manage to put myself first. That is only because I make the conscious decision to do so.  I feel like I wasted too much time trying to make myself available to other people in ways that they did not even require; simply because I am an overly considerate southerner.  Now that may not seem like much to some people, but it certainly felt like the weight of the world to me.  It was such a heavy burden because I would in turn feel slighted by others if they did not show me the same courtesy.  My rational brain would process these actions and move on, but my emotional brain would be in a major upheaval if someone did not exert the same energy I did to be on time, be more helpful than I asked for, or go out their way to ensure my comfort by planning every moment of the evening.  As I write this down, I can see that I am the one who is not “normal”, because there is no reason to ever inconvenience myself so much for the comfort of others.  Particularly when everyone else seems to have mastered putting themselves first.  For the first time in my life I actively put forward the effort to put myself first and showed late to a social event.  Let me just say that I found it EXTREMELY liberating.  I was not running around exhausting myself and elevating my blood pressure.  I took my time, and contrary to my past beliefs I did not implode.  I took the time to make sure my star player, was comfortable, relaxed, and looking great and it paid off in my ability to stay out a little later on a Thursday night and have a good time amongst the people I was with.  Baby steps ladies and gents, baby steps.



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