No More Body Shaming: A Note To Myself and Others

Why is it so hard to be nice to my body? I am not talking about my diet when I say “nice”. I live by the “everything in moderation” mantra so that is pretty much covered.  What I am talking about is my almost comic incapability to have positive thoughts about my appearance without any harsh critiques.  Everything is always something that “needs correction” or “almost there”.  Nothing is ever just right at the moment of scrutiny.  I had a physical recently because I was having some back issues and came up healthy.  I just cannot ever seem to be satisfied with my body though.  I know that I am healthy, and I can see that I am strong, and I have almost no physical ailments. Why am I constantly trying to “fix” something with my body?

When you absorb as much media as I do it makes sense that I grapple with not looking or feeling the same as the images that I consume.  This post is not a pity party for me. I am not asking for compliments or reassurance. On some level, somewhere in the jungle gym that is my brain, I am well aware that I have nothing to be upset about.  I just had to write these thoughts down because I know it gives me comfort to know that I am not the only person going through something.  For me there is comfort in community so I am just letting the world know that I am here and sometimes I feel broken but my logical mind knows better.

This also is not just a post about being positive about your body, and loving your body, but about not shaming other people about their bodies either.  That behavior is making it hard not only for others to feel confident but it makes you doubt yourself as well.  Just think about it for a moment, if every other word out your mouth is something disparaging about someone how could you possibly have any confidence in anything you put out?  Well, other than an extreme case of narcissism, I would imagine that you struggle with a positive view of yourself.

So short, tall, skinny, average, heavy, brown, black, white, purple, green, WHATEVER you may look like you need not feel stifled because you do not look like someone else.  I know that the western beauty standard of beauty gives us all a hard line that we think we must follow, but lets one up the system and feel good no matter what (well, at least try to).


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