On the Topic of Trust

Have you ever held something in your hand that was so fragile that with one false move there would be too much pressure and it would shatter? If not, that is what trust feels like to me.  Whether you have betrayed a friend or a lover, or have been hurt by someone breaking your trust, this post is something that I wanted to share.

Note to someone that may have violated the trust of someone they loved: Do not be impatient with them.  If they have chosen to stand by your side and rebuild trust then you should be grateful and give them some time to adjust back into the trust.  It takes as long as it takes.  However, you do not have to stick beside someone that does no trust you. Relinquish yourself from that situation if their sadness and mistrust is more than you can handle.  Just do not try to make them feel bad because they have not yet moved on.

When you make a choice that is harmless only if no one finds out about it, chances are that is a choice that should not have been made in the first place.  Whatever it is you thought you may gain by lying is rarely more valuable than what you will lose if the truth is discovered.  Without trust there is no safe haven.

The fragility of trust is not always treated as delicately as it should be.  In my life I have tried very carefully to make sure that I did not violate the trust of those that I care the most about. Unfortunately, I am not perfect nor is anyone else.  Mistakes are made and we must deal with them and move on. Forgive and forget, as the old adage goes. Except for the fact that that shit is HARD.


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