The Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink

Ladies that are doing it big in food and drink! There are a few women on the list from the Whole Foods camp, which is currently being scrutinized for not being very honest about how organic their food is. Otherwise, this list is definitely worth a look if you needed a positive energy boost today!


Fortune and our Time Inc. sister publication Food & Wine spent months searching for the most groundbreaking women in the food and drink world. And we found them, placing extra emphasis on our candidates’ accomplishments in the last year.

The women listed below may not all operate at the same scale as the big industry players, such as PepsiCo’s [fortune-stock symbol=”PEP”] Indra Nooyi and Mondelez International’s [fortune-stock symbol=”MDLZ”] Irene Rosenfeld, who are regulars on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business ranking (online Sept. 18). But this group is permanently changing the way we eat and how we think about food. Now that’s power in its own right.

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