a few things to consider before you enter that new relationship.

Entering into a relationship is always a new and exciting experience, but how can you be certain you have made the right choice? The short answer is you can’t be, but there are some questions you need to ask yourself and your potential mate if you are deciding to be exclusive. These are in no particular order…

What do you want/need from a partner? If your reasons are only pointing in the direction of loneliness or boredom you are probably headed into a very short-lived relationship.

Do I even want to be in a relationship? Sometimes we forget that we may not even want to be in one because we are being told on so many fronts that it is the most desirable/ideal/best/happy/blah blah blah situation young people should be in.

What is your definition of being exclusive?  Just because it seems like a no-brainer question to you (and probably to your partner as well) does not mean that you guys are on the same page for the parameters for exclusivity in your own relationship.

Are you over your last relationship? I think that one speaks for itself.

Are you two sexually compatible? It may seem like everything is all hot and heavy because everything is still so new, but make sure you keep your on eye on your sexual activity.  If you see a decrease or increase you do not feel good about, make sure to talk to your partner and be honest about your desires.

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