Loc’in it up!

The journey started on Nov 20, 2015.

I have now done a retwist (the fuzz was more than I could handle) and have introduced beeswax and Jamaican black castor oil into the routine.  The thing I will need to re-inforce in myself is that locing is not an excuse to not take care of my hair.  It will still need moisture.

More than anything I think this will be an exercise in discipline for me.  Discipline has not always been my strength and I am slowly trying to change that about myself. By slowly I mean, this might take the rest of my life, but whatever.

In addition to my interest in gaining more discipline through this process, I need to fall in love with my hair again.  I have been natural for 8 years, but I have struggled to find where I fit in on the naturalista spectrum.  These naturalistas do not play out here on the interwebs, y’all. For as many open and free loving naturalistas there are the polar opposite, preaching a strict doctrine of pressing your own avocado pits for oil.

Coils and curls are beautiful and should be embraced, and as the language changes about how we talk about our hair, I also need to make sure that I take it upon myself to continue to love my hair no matter what.

Let the journey continue, onward and downward (ha!)


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