Sprinkled with Flour: Cheesy Orzo

Going to make this delicious treat tonight, will try to post pictures first thing tomorrow.  It has been a while since I have posted my eats on the blog so I am long overdue to share what has been going on in my kitchen!

Sprinkled with Flour: Cheese.


a few things to consider before you enter that new relationship.

Entering into a relationship is always a new and exciting experience, but how can you be certain you have made the right choice? The short answer is you can’t be, but there are some questions you need to ask yourself and your potential mate if you are deciding to be exclusive. These are in no particular order…

What do you want/need from a partner? If your reasons are only pointing in the direction of loneliness or boredom you are probably headed into a very short-lived relationship.

Do I even want to be in a relationship? Sometimes we forget that we may not even want to be in one because we are being told on so many fronts that it is the most desirable/ideal/best/happy/blah blah blah situation young people should be in.

What is your definition of being exclusive?  Just because it seems like a no-brainer question to you (and probably to your partner as well) does not mean that you guys are on the same page for the parameters for exclusivity in your own relationship.

Are you over your last relationship? I think that one speaks for itself.

Are you two sexually compatible? It may seem like everything is all hot and heavy because everything is still so new, but make sure you keep your on eye on your sexual activity.  If you see a decrease or increase you do not feel good about, make sure to talk to your partner and be honest about your desires.

Getting fit. the right way.

Exercise is hard, particularly when you are trying to build it in as a part of your life and not just “that thing you do occasionally for a few weeks after New Year’s”.  I have also been trying to make sure that I have been doing the same with my writing, but that is for another post.

For the past two weeks I have completed 3 gym days and I could not be more excited about my progress (lost 6 inches from various places thus far) but the thing that I am most excited about is that I am excited about exercising.  Now I get in the gym and push myself, and it feels good.  Granted, I am ready to pass out by 9:30pm on days that I exercise but it feels so nice to be a little bit stronger.  I went from struggling through 30 minutes and watching the clock the whole time to powering through my work out and not even realizing that I have been at it for over an hour.

I went from barely breaking a sweat to not getting off of a machine until I was pouring and unable to breathe, this is what pushing feels like and for so long I was scared but it has actually turned out to be one of the greater moments of my life.  In my job I can’t see results in a short amount of time, I certainly don’t see improvement this fast in any art form I indulge, but I have taken my body and made into something stronger.  I feel proud. I feel motivated. Moving forward.

ice, cold, sexy.

I am squealing about Rihanna and her new gray hair look! Now this may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the silver locks are doing it for me.  This is Rihanna’s second go around rocking gray locks but i guess the second time is the charm because I am floored. The pictures were featured in the German magazine Tush.

nrm_1410429700-2014-rihanna-tush-6 nrm_1410431511-2014-rihanna-tush-magazine-2

Also check out Dascha Polanco from OITNB at NYFW rocking silver locks as well.


Make Up!

If you are anything like me, knowledge makes you feel like an unstoppable warrior.  I have only been seriously dabbling in makeup for the last 6 months so when I kept seeing brushes on different vloggers sites I was completely clueless.  Then i stumbled upon this handy little guide.  Hope it helps you as much as it has helped me!



Work, Work It Out.

Have you ever just wanted to throw all caution to the wind and say

“I will not eat another piece of fruit, nor will I drink another ounce of water! On this day, I only want bacon and wine!”

Well, that day is today for me.  I have managed to not totally fall off of the fitness bandwagon.  Successfully completing two days a week in the gym for the first three weeks of the plan.  I am headed back in today after a 4 day hiatus and I must say that I want to go, but I know I will be battling my laziness come 5pm.  The mission for this week is to go a minimum of three times.  I need to shorten the gap between my visits and I also want to feel all those happy endorphins a little more frequently.

I have also been maintaining my diet (I use the term loosely)fairly well. One of my main food objectives has always been to eat well because I have never been good about exercising . So, lean protein and dark leafy greens have been a staple of mine for a long time now. Don’t let some of the recipes you see posted lead you to believe that I eat like that everyday, because I have not the time or the energy.

For the firs time in almost a year I stepped on a scale and was SHOCKED by how much I had gained since I had last been on one of those contraptions.  I have a new motivation as I step into the weight room this week, an actual goal. At first I did not want to put any strenuous timelines or goals on this process but one has developed organically.  I am not quite ready to share that goal here but the overall focus is that I become stronger and healthier.

Here’s to another week in fitness!

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