5 Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

So whether you’ve been in your relationship for a while, and you want to add a little spice, or you want to impress your new guy with a display of skilled sexual prowess here are five tips to turn the heat up in your boudoir.

  • Try doing something spontaneous, after you and your man have been out suggest that he pull over the car to a nice secluded space and you have a romp in the backseat. Or you could try getting a little frisky while he is driving, there is nothing more exciting than the thrill of doing something and (the possibility of) getting caught.
  • Buy some lingerie, granted there is nothing wrong with your good old comfy cottons and your white tee, but a little variety can be a little fun.  Perhaps you should try something crotch-less if you are feeling exceptionally bold.
  • Book a hotel room, if you have a little extra money to spend,. Share in a fantasy of a secret affair or maybe the change of surroundings alone will be enough to inspire a new spark in the relationship
  • Introduce your vibrator (that you have somehow managed to keep secret) into your foreplay.  Give your man a show and don’t let him have his turn until you are completely warmed up.
  • Work those Kegel muscles during intercourse, especially when you are approaching climax.  The flexing brings more blood flow to your G-spot which increases sensation/sensitivity, plus it will give him an extra thrill as well.

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