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I have got to get back in the gym! When I last left you all i was in the beginning of my fitness journey and starting to fall in love with a lifestyle that included exercise.

I remained an active follower of this new lifestyle until about 4 months ago when I took on a large project that was incredibly rewarding, but also made me lose sight on fitness.

Now here I am.  I have made it to the gym 4 times in the last two months.  Now, in my defense I did have a strange medical problem surface in October, but that does not fully justify my negligence.

Between job stress, attempting to start my own business, and trying to remain mentally healthy I let my body take a back seat.  I also have been dealing with loss of appetite the last two months so when it would be time to go to the gym I just have no energy. Life certainly has not been a crystal stair y’all.

I wanted to return to writing, because it is something that not only brings me enjoyment, it brings clarity.  Clarity, is what I think I have been missing all of these months in my absence.  I did not know how to maintain that feeling with out putting pen to page, or in this case, finger to keyboard.

Writing and fitness.  Need to remember to keep these in my mantra.  Otherwise, I will grind for money that I will not be able to enjoy.


Keep on Pushin’

Even people that love you can’t always support you.  Sometimes it is a hard realization, particularly when you are a creative type, or a flake (I am a carrier for both traits). Everyone is not going to have the same passion you do for things.  That is also just fine.  Perhaps saying that they cannot support you is too strong a declaration, but your passion for something does not need and will not always be reflected by your friends/family members/lovers/enemies/whoever the hell. Just do not let that discourage you! It is YOUR passion, and YOUR dream. I am begging you to please push forward. If for no other reason than to say you gave it your all even when nobody was looking. When you have a passion for creativity, a driving force in you that compels you to make something out of what appears to be nothing then you have a duty to yourself to CREATE.