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Getting fit. the right way.

Exercise is hard, particularly when you are trying to build it in as a part of your life and not just “that thing you do occasionally for a few weeks after New Year’s”.  I have also been trying to make sure that I have been doing the same with my writing, but that is for another post.

For the past two weeks I have completed 3 gym days and I could not be more excited about my progress (lost 6 inches from various places thus far) but the thing that I am most excited about is that I am excited about exercising.  Now I get in the gym and push myself, and it feels good.  Granted, I am ready to pass out by 9:30pm on days that I exercise but it feels so nice to be a little bit stronger.  I went from struggling through 30 minutes and watching the clock the whole time to powering through my work out and not even realizing that I have been at it for over an hour.

I went from barely breaking a sweat to not getting off of a machine until I was pouring and unable to breathe, this is what pushing feels like and for so long I was scared but it has actually turned out to be one of the greater moments of my life.  In my job I can’t see results in a short amount of time, I certainly don’t see improvement this fast in any art form I indulge, but I have taken my body and made into something stronger.  I feel proud. I feel motivated. Moving forward.



I don’t know if you could tell by the capital letters, but I am so proud of myself for sweating it out doing one full hour of yoga yesterday afternoon. I just got into the zone and kept pushing myself to try a new pose or clean up my positioning in another. The only reason I didn’t press on is the ravenous hunger that was starting to make me light headed.

On that mission to inverisions and splits y’all and I cldnt be more ecstatic

haven’t posted about my yoga activities in a while. I am still grindig away at builidng strength and flexibility. For the first time in many years, I entered a forward bend and was able to bring my face between my legs. granted I had a little bend in my knees this felt like a great accomplishment for me. Also while my confidence wa sup I trien to get into crow pose (not quite ready for that madness yet haha) and did some planks.

Just gotta keep pushing.

Also got the olf boyfriend to goof around and do some acro yoga, only lolz ensued.

just posin’

Today’s poses were held for 6 breaths each, was able to get in a nice session. Woke up and hopped right out of bed.

Front and back bends (to loosen up)
Side bends
Downward Dog
Camel (my first try, could not hold this one for the full 6 breaths but I saw it, and knew I wanted to do it even if it is above my skill level)
Thread the Needle
Hip rotations

So excited about this journeyyyy