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ice, cold, sexy.

I am squealing about Rihanna and her new gray hair look! Now this may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the silver locks are doing it for me.  This is Rihanna’s second go around rocking gray locks but i guess the second time is the charm because I am floored. The pictures were featured in the German magazine Tush.

nrm_1410429700-2014-rihanna-tush-6 nrm_1410431511-2014-rihanna-tush-magazine-2

Also check out Dascha Polanco from OITNB at NYFW rocking silver locks as well.


Welcome to Peplum Paradise…

Peplums are my new favorite garb. I’m wearing one right now as a matter of fact! From the shirts to the dresses, peplums give the silhouette of a thin waist, that blossoms into a perfectly protruding base. The key to wearing any peplum is to pair it with a bottom that’s fitted and equally accentuates the hips.  Skinny jeans or a slim fitted skirt for example are perfect complements.

My favorite piece right now is my white peplum dress with a black lace neckline. It’s delicate, sophisticated and sexy at the same time. So me!

If you’re short like myself (or even minutely vertically challenged), do yourself a favor and skip the flats. Peplums are made for heels, which are the perfect stemulus to bring all the fellas to the yard. Oooww!!!!!  Which peplum picks are you rockin’ these days?


I Wonder.

As I peruse the internet I constantly see all sorts of scintillating clothing options that I want to purchase but I know all to well what I can and cannot spend.  I ma just curious, what are you willing to spend?